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PEAQS Partners

The PEAQS partnership leverages the complementary research capabilities and expertise of each institution, and combines the access, experience, programs and resources of each partner institution to accomplish research, community, and education goals. PEAQS links imaging science and technology (STROBE) with materials growth and synthesis (NSU) and materials characterization and nanofabrication (FLC). This enables innovative collaborative science within a well-integrated team-science environment in which student participants can be trained, mentored and supported in multiple research settings throughout the course of their undergraduate education.

Fort Lewis College is a non-tribal, Native American serving institution that draws students from over 150 tribes from across the entire United States. FLC awards more STEM degrees to Native Americans than any other Baccalaureate-only institution in America. To learn more about FLC’s physics and engineering department and research check out their website.

Norfolk State University is one of the nation’s largest Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and awards more physics degrees to African Americans than all the other Virginia institutions combined. Check out NSU’s websites to learn more about NSU’s physics, engineering, and material science programs and research.


The STROBE Science & Technology Center brings together imaging science experts from six universities and partners with national labs, industry and academe to push the boundaries of imaging science capabilities and technologies, while preparing a  diverse workforce for 21st century careers in science and technology. To learn more, check out

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