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Four Corners Travelling Workshop

Fort Lewis College is utilizing STROBE’s current work with the

CU Science Discovery Program to develop a fun, interactive STEM

workshop for middle school students. This workshop travels throughout the diverse Four Corners region to engage students in cutting-edge STROBE/PEAQS science. To date, this workshop has impacted over 800 K-12 teachers and students in the Four Corners area including the Southern Ute reservation and the Navajo Nation. Topics include, “Electromagnetic Energy and Imaging Technology”, “Light, Living Systems, and Solar Solutions”, and “Everyday Nanoscale Grand Challenges.” 

Four Corners Teacher Professional Development Workshop

The Four Corners Teacher Professional Development Workshop is a two-day professional development workshop for middle school and early high school teachers. The workshop is a collaborative education project, integrating the expertise of faculty at Fort Lewis College, CU Science Discovery, and the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) to develop hands-on classroom activities based on STROBE/PEAQS imaging science research projects. The workshop provides materials that meet the new NGSS standards, which distributes STROBE/PEAQS science tools, curriculum and materials for teachers that are relevant to their students.

Norfolk State University Rocket Days

Rocket Days invites K-12 students to come to NSU to learn

about Newton’s laws, electric circuits, and basic astronomy.

This workshop gives middle school students hands-on

experience building rockets, observing and discussing

physics demonstrations related to Newton’s laws, and the

opportunity to attend a planetarium show covering

fundamentals about the solar system and stars. 

Norfolk State University Nanodays

Nanodays is an annual event at the Children’s Museum of Virginia in Portsmouth, VA. For this event, PEAQS students have developed several hands-on activities including measuring electrical activity of neurons in the brain and exploration of magnetism. So far, Nanodays has reached over 300 precollege students about the opportunities available in STEM careers and how to educate the general public on nanomaterials. 

Norfolk State University Science Communication Public Lectures

NSU faculty participate in public lectures at the Mary D. Pretlow Public Library in Norfolk, VA. Topics include the Spooky Physics of Quantum Mechanics where a variety of media, such as Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner cartoons, are used to explain topics in quantum mechanics. The goal of these lectures is to make topics in physics more accessible to the public and generate interest in STEM careers and opportunities at Norfolk State University.

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